Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco
St. Pete Times Forum
July 5th, 2009

Sara, Christos, David and I went to see Saltimbanco last Sunday. David didn’t know where we were going until we arrived at channelside for the show. When we were really close, he thought we were going to the aquarium, which I wouldn’t mind going to later since I haven’t been in over 10 years.

I’ve seen La Nouba in Orlando a few years back and it was incredible. Saltimbanco was a traveling show and Sunday was the last day in was going to be in Tampa. The show was shorter and not as good as La Nouba, but it was still a great show. The music was especially good and they played live and the singer was part of the show. I paid for the cheaper seats, but when we went to find our seats, they upgraded them for free. So we ended up on the first floor, straight on.

Cameras were not allowed, so I found a video on youtube to post here. This was my favorite act in the show. I was in awe of their talent, their strength, and their daring. I would love to see more of Cirque du Soleil’s shows.

Cirque du Soleil comes from the french “circus of the sun”
Saltimbanco comes from the Italian “saltare in banco”, which literally means “to jump on a bench”

The show is described by Cirque du Soleil as a celebration of life. Its creators say they developed it to be an antidote to the violence and despair so prevalent in the 20th century. Saltimbanco offers its own vision of life, overflowing with optimism and joy. With its original score, Saltimbanco offers its own unique language conveyed through music, artistry, and singing.


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2 responses to “Saltimbanco

  • Sara

    That was a good show. My favorite was definitely the two girls up on the bar, amazing! That and when the guys all starting climbing up the ropes like a hoard of ants all following each other.

  • suzanneme

    I liked the strong men act too! I really don’t know how that one guy didn’t slide down the other guy’s back.

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