My quirks you would have to deal with on a road trip…

Prompt: What would a road trip companion learn about you when traveling with you for the first time?

Silence is golden
Silence has mass that can sit in the air and suffocate those in it’s company. An uncomfortable, heavy feeling overcomes them and they must fill the air with noise. Some spout out whatever comes into their head, be it worthy of conversation, one can only hope for our sake.

I, on the other hand, find silence soothing and natural. There isn’t a topic I find taboo and will try to speak honestly and thoughtfully and will flow with the conversation wherever it goes. But if you are traveling with me, there will be times of silence. It is not because I am ignoring you or don’t want to talk to you, I just won’t speak jibber-jabber just to fill the air.

The sound of music
There are times I put on NPR or a local radio station, but for the most part I like to listen to my music. I own about 7,000 songs and 800 albums. I listen to indie, rock, folk, alternative, and some dance and pop. I will hope that our music tastes cross somewhere in there because on a road trip, I must, must listen to my music.

Sleepy head
I tend to get sleepy on car rides. The rhythm of the car seems to rock me to sleep. To keep me awake give me good conversation, food or stops along the way.

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