The last few days

The last week has gone by very quickly. I had very little moments alone, which was a nice change. No time for me to get lost in my head. I had the weekend off from work and I spent it with David. We watched $1/per day videos, we went out to eat, we talked, we had coffee, we visited with Sara and Christos. We made connections. On Monday I worked during the day and the rest of the day was filled with carrying boxes down three flights of stairs, over and over again. We didn’t finish clearing out the apartment until about 12:30am. Tuesday I worked again during the day. Tuesday evening I had originally made plans for a girls night out with Sara, Linda and Christin. Had to cancel because Sara has a lot of school work and I was sore and tired and was looking forward to just reading a book and going to bed early. Surprising, I ended up going to a movie with Christin, who I didn’t know until that evening. Average movie, but that didn’t matter really. Wednesday I worked the split shift (7-9am and 4-CL), which means I had 4 hours of commuting time. I didn’t kid myself and took a nap in between. Every day this week I had to wake up around 5:30am to get ready and make it to work by 7am, and I kept finding my eyes closing on the hour commute to work. Usually I don’t have a problem, but not enough sleep and my body being tired didn’t help. Now it is Thursday, my day off. Ahh, not having to wake up at 5:30am was so nice. Have things to do, but I give just a few moments here to make a few posts.


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4 responses to “The last few days

  • shannon

    it sucks that you have to commute like that just to go to b&n. isn’t there a closer one???

  • suzanneme

    There is a store that is closer. They didn’t have an opening when I transfered, and then when they did have a opening a month ago, I thought I was moving to Tampa and didn’t interview for it. At least I like the store and staff. My store manager was happy not to lose me, which is a nice compliment (:

  • shannon

    that IS nice but it’s still a long drive…
    what are you doing now? are you staying where you are??

  • suzanneme

    ahh, well now that is a good question, which I don’t know the answer to. Currently I am staying where I am at, but things might change in a few months.

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