I would be excited about finding solid ground under my feet

Prompt: What would you be excited to find on the ground right now?

With the solid ground below me, I would no longer be falling.

I am falling. At first, fear, disorientation and no control. Now, some feelings of exhilaration are mixed in, but still no control. I could flap my arms to try to steer, but in the end I would just look ridiculous and still have no control in my descent.

While the sense of free falling is an unwelcome feeling, and having so many bonds that existed come undone is scary, it has broken some bonds in my life that needed broken. I used to always know where my path took me and used to rely on the security of knowing. That is no longer the case. I no longer walk that path and the path before me leads into the unknown.

If I was an optimist I would say I can take any path I want. If I was a pessimist I would say every step could lead me to a dead end. What I foresee is a lot of wrong turns.

I am falling and I wonder where and when I will land. Although, when I think about it, maybe the solid ground wouldn’t be a good thing below me. I could fall flat on my face and break something, like my teeth or nose.


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