Learn, change or be an empty shell

You can not rely on the past to lead you into the future.

It sounds so simple to follow. But the past is so easy to rely on and repeat. Habits can be hard to break, especially when the other option is unknown and scary.

But if you are still learning, then you are still changing, you are still experiencing life, you are still open to new possibilities. If you don’t change, then you become an empty shell, a person only going through the motions; not feeling, experiencing, living. Stagnant in life and love.

The unknown. Oh, how scary it can be! How you may want to fight against the unknown.

I will say that I am stubborn and I like my habits. And not all habits are bad things. But sometimes you have to stop and think if you are only doing something because you always did it or because you want to do it. And if something has been good  or bad in the past, doesn’t mean it will always be so.

Let me say again: You can not rely on the past to lead you into the future.

This was a very difficult lesson to learn and and it almost broke me. I had to do a lot of self examining and it is hard not to magnify the mistakes, the flaws, the weaknesses in my character. The past will never change, never grow, never learn, but I can. 


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