Traits in an enduring friend

If you go by what my facebook says, I have 61 friends. While I do know every single person on my friends list, and most of them I can have an intelligent conversation with, most are friendly acquaintances. I like having “friendly acquaintances,” but realistically I only have a few number of people I would call an enduring friend.

Being disappointed so often growing up made me cautious of letting people get too close to me. I realize that is a fault of mine because I’m sure I have lost out on opportunities on friendships. While I am still cautious and I will never open up to someone right away, I understand that there are people out there who are most definitely worth it.

That being said, what I value in a friend is someone who is loyal, honest, non judgmental, and I can trust.


A friend doesn’t have to be there for everything in my life. Some friends leave your life, some come back after a period of time, some last your whole life.

But in general: They stand beside me even when I feel alone. They will listen to me when I need to be heard. They will defend me when I get attacked.


Deflates my ego and inflates my self.

Isn’t afraid of differences of opinions, and I can speak my mind and know they won’t think less of me for it.

I don’t want a friend who always agrees with me or never agrees with me. There has to be common ground, but differences are healthy and good in a relationship.


Non Judgmental
I will make mistakes and be stupid. I will be miserable and depressed. I will be lost and confused.

A friend will be there to help pick me back up, but won’t try to choose what is best for me or try to change me.


That a friend will keep what they know in safekeeping. That I can assume what they say as being true. And trust that when there are disappointments and failures (on either side), that both will try their best in repairing the friendship.



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