Nineteen Minutes

nineteen minutes

Nineteen Minutes is about a high school shooting in a small town. It delves into how this single act effects the entire town. It looks at the parents, the bullies, the victims, and the killer. The killer is a teenage boy who has been bullied his whole life.

One point that I learned from the book is that psychologically, a single act of childhood bullying is as scarring emotionally as a single act of sexual abuse.


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One response to “Nineteen Minutes

  • Sara

    It is interesting how you know the child did a horrible thing, but at the same time when the book goes into his childhood you start to really like him. He’s so sensitive and misunderstood, even as a kindergartener. It is scary to think that the choices the adults made in how to handle him only helped build up his isolation. He had never really done anything terribly wrong, just no one stopped the bullying. I’m not too far along yet in the book, but it is intriguing.

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