Misery and Pain

When someone is miserable and in pain, do they honestly wish others around them who are miserable and in pain to be happy and in love?

They will tell you they want you to be happy and want to help you get through the pain. They could believe in their words too. But secretly would they want others to keep their misery and pain close at hand, just like themselves?

Pain is universal.

Pain is sometimes much easier to share with others because everyone can relate to being in pain. Love and happiness can invoke jealousy while no one is ever jealous of misery and pain.

And when you stop being in pain, you move on while they are left behind.

I’m not saying I believe what I write, there were just thoughts that came up. Now I’m going to stop here and go back to painting.


About Inner Love

I want: Passion. Desire. To create Cosmos. I want: Expression. Depth. Meaning. I want: Joy. Laughter. Love. I want: Life. View all posts by Inner Love

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