So I get to list all my pet peeves here…

Lets get the big things I hate out of the way first:

racism, bigotry, pedophiles, zealots

Others that make the list:

Road rage: I know I yell at other drivers and honk from time to time, but I’m talking about when you harass other drivers and use your vehicle as a weapon.

People who shop when the store is closed: I work retail and it happens all the time. If you couldn’t find what you wanted during business hours, come back another time. The staff has other things to do and should not have to wait on people when the store is closed.

Speaker phones: I don’t want to hear that loud obnoxious beep, along with the conversation you are having.

People who don’t pick up after their dogs. Gross.

People who smack or pop their chewing gum. I don’t mind people who chew gum and on rare occasions I chew one too. But close your mouth when you do it! I do not want to see it.

Being around kids who scream and throw tantrums. Please be courteous to other people around you and take your child outside to deal with their behavior. Do not ignore them and let them continue on.

Not changing the toilet paper roll when you are the last one to use it.

People who drive in the left lane when they are going below or at the speed limit. Move over to the right lane.

Ok, I better stop now because this list could go on forever.



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