Vanilla Caffe Latte


When I used to go to coffee shops I would usually order hot tea or hot chocolate. I never drank coffee except when pumpkin spice latte were in season. Since I get half off in the cafe at work, I thought I would start trying the coffee drinks out and see if I found one I would like. After three different attempts I found one that wasn’t too bitter or to sweet for my tastes: the vanilla caffe latte. Thank you Mel for suggesting it to me.

Now I drink it a couple times a week at work. It has some great benefits to me. I miss breakfast a lot, which I know is bad, not just because it is suppose to be the most important meal of the day but also because I’m very petite and shouldn’t miss any meals. So having some calories until I do eat is better than nothing. Also having a hot drink is a great bonus when I’m always cold.


Cafe au Lait: Similar to Caffe Latte, except that an au lait is made with brewed coffee instead of espresso. Additionally, the ratio of milk to coffee is 1:1, making for a much less intense taste.

Caffe Latte: Essentially, a single shot of espresso in steamed (not frothed) milk. The ratio of milk to coffee should be about 3:1, but you should be aware that latte in Italian means ‘milk’, so be careful ordering one when in Rome.

“café au lait” in Europe
“caffè latte” in Italy
“café con leche” in Spain
“kawa biała” (“white coffee”) in Poland
“Milchkaffee” in Germany
“koffie verkeerd” in Netherlands
“café com leite” in Portugal, simply “coffee with milk”


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