black & white hand 2009dsc00210hand-in-space


I have always loved hands. I draw and paint my own hand, then I don’t have to worry about how long it takes me to finish.  At first I didn’t quite know why I loved drawing hands so much, they just appealed to me and I never really thought about it.  But they are so expressive and I find beauty in hands. There are a million lines and marks on a hand, from age, scars, treatment and emotion. I try to capture some of that life.


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One response to “Hands

  • Robin

    My hands,
    They rub the sleep out of my eyes.
    They greet my friends with a shake,
    and wave heartfelt goodbyes.
    They let me embrace the ones I love,
    They are a gift from something above.
    Divine by design,
    And even more beautiful when not mine.

    Those hands of compassion that wipe away my tears,
    or rest on my shoulder to chase away fears.
    The hands of passion that wrap around my waste as I rest,
    and caresses my muscles knotted and stressed.
    and embrace me as I arrive, on those hands I thrive.

    I wonder at them, for all they can do.
    The prelude to every creative debut.
    five digits attached by the palm,
    decorated by creases that foretell,
    through diminutive mosaics of cells.
    resplendent tools in both my eye and mind,
    and even more beautiful when two are entwined.

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