I was thrown out of a car and onto the interstate

Prompt: What are you famous for?

The story and why it was my hall of fame.

When I was sixteen I went to disney world with some friends. On the way home, the guy who was driving fell asleep. The bronco flipped several times and the top came off and two us were thrown out of the car and onto the interstate.

I was asleep when this happened and I think that is why I lived and the other boy didn’t. They say when you are in an accident and the person is asleep or drunk, there is less injury to the body because you don’t tense up and you can’t react.

The interstate was backed up for hours and I was taken to the hospital in a helicopter. The one time I get to be in one and I was mostly unconscious.

I was in the newspaper and a week later I went back to high school. Everyone at school knew who I was and knew about the accident. Everyone was really nice and telling me they were glad I was back.


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