Things to aim for, even if they never happen.

Become an Artist.
I paint and draw, but it doesn't make me an artist. Currently, it takes me a long time to figure out what i want to paint or draw and then I take a long time to complete each one. When I get myself to start, it can become my world, where my hands are capturing some moment of life.

Love myself as I am
Who doesn't have issues with themselves? There are so many things I would change about myself: my looks, my personality, my health, etc. etc., but that is a slippery slope. It is one thing to improve yourself and learn from your mistakes, its another to not accept who you are and be disappointed for the rest of your life.

Being In Love
To find a partner to share my life with, through the good and bad times. To have passion and romance along with the fights and the flaws. Being vulnerable and open even if you might get hurt, but doing it anyway because that is what being in love means.

There is so much to see and so many places to go. I love experiencing new culture and art. I've visited a few other states and a few places over seas and I loved them all.

Get out of debt
I thought I might add one that is actually achievable in the near future. Especially in this economy it will be a load off my shoulders once I am out of debt.


About Inner Love

I want: Passion. Desire. To create Cosmos. I want: Expression. Depth. Meaning. I want: Joy. Laughter. Love. I want: Life. View all posts by Inner Love

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